• Lassi 10 AED

  • Horlicks 8 AED

  • Dancing Coffee 8 AED

    A two-layered coffee that has coffee at the bottom and milk on the top. Before sippingthe beverage needs to be blended well

  • Bollywood Tea 5 AED

    A two-layered distinct beverage with black tea at the bottom and milk on top. The tea has to be blended well before the sip, andthe bottom part swirls in a delightful mannerresembl

  • Coffee 4 AED

  • Magic Mint Tea 2 AED

    A very special tea with a touch of mint flavour served with lime slices

  • Lime Tea 2 AED

  • Soft Drinks 2 AED

  • Tea 2 AED

  • Mineral Water 1.5/3 AED