Food Stories

Our family of diners gives us great moments to cherish. Some of those stories are shared here.

One group of diners visits us in Dubai once in a while. They live on the other side of the country and they have only one demand. We should serve them a new dish every time they come by. Our menu has about 200 dishes and it is easy to cater a group a couple of times without repeating the dishes. But after that we had to produce new dishes with in minutes, every time they want to dine with us. We took up the challenge and till date we serve them new set of dishes every single time.


We were asked to cater for a wedding in South India. The guests were particular about the drinks served and that list included Green Fire. One of the ingredients in that brilliant mocktail is Thai Red Chilly. We tried our best but we couldn’t find enough Thai red chilies to cater for 3000 people in nearby towns. The Notebook Party Catering team had no choice but to carry hundreds of those little chilies from Dubai to that village in South India. So we did. We flew those packets. Such efforts were never shared with the guests as they may stop us from doing it by pointing out that “You don’t have to do it. We can replace the dish with some other, which can be easily made”. But we choose not to compromise when it comes to the satisfaction and happiness of our beloved guests.

Normally restaurant groups in Dubai make and serve a couple of hundreds of “Sadyas for Onam”. In 2014, we thought “how about making thousands of Sadyas for our diners?”. Many discouraged us by saying that “it will be extremely difficult to produce, pack and serve all those sadys”. Some others pointed out that “how could thousands of sadyascan be sold in 2-3 hours of time?”. But we took it as a challenge and produced the biggest number of OnaSadys to be sold individually. The best part was that even though we had that mammoth number of sadyas produced and ready to serve, we ran out with in 2 hours of opening. Now our diners want us to produce even more sadys for special occasions such as Onam.

When we opened one of our restaurants, we didn’t advertise about the opening day anywhere. We didn’t have an inauguration ceremony planned either. We were extremely busy with the quality control, food production and service. One evening, we opened the restaurant. We had no guests other that the staff members. The entire restaurant was very silent anticipating a guest to step in. After a couple of minutes a walking by couple asked the doorman “Are You Open”. They stepped in. We told them that they were the first ever diners and that they inaugurated our restaurant. They were pleasantly surprised and congratulated us. Then many guests started coming in and with in no time the restaurant was full. The first couple then told us “With out any publicity your restaurant is at full capacity. What if you advertised?”.