The beginning of joyful food experience

Traditional Malabari and Kerala cuisine are served by a large number of restaurants. Its tough to not see one of those in every street in major cities. Calicut notebook, from the very beginning, didn’t want to be just another Malabari or Kerala restaurant. It wanted the diners to have a joy filled, colourful and memorable food experience. Our chefs went to the length and breadth of Kerala and beyond to carefully select the dishes and then give them a fusion twist to be included in the menu we serve. Creating vibrant fusion dishes is in our DNA. We do not do it all to just differentiate us from others. We rather do that because we love to see the excitement and smile on our diner’s faces. We are extremely proud that we create joy.

The care for our diners

The health and wellbeing of our patrons are of prime importance to us. We believe in serving healthier food options while not compromising on the taste of it. The ingredient selection plays a key part in this process. To name a few of our efforts in ingredient selection, we use fresh meat, freshly sourced vegetables and fruits, high quality cooking oil and carefully selected grains. We bother to make those early morning trips to the Vegetable market to get the best veggies and fruits. The fish and the meat we buy are of top-notch quality. We always encourage our chefs to get the best product in the market, let it be Ghee or Rice or Spices. One can dine with us every day, day after day and stay healthy, that’s our promise.

Our people are our superheroes

On an average our restaurant sends ten plates, pots, bowls, glasses and cutlery to a diner. When we run the restaurant at its full capacity, which happens most of the time, we have a lot of demanding guests with us. The amazing thing is that our waiters and stewards keep on delivering the dishes and smiles relentlessly. Our cleaning boys keep everything neat, tidy and shining. Welcoming staff, who suggest the most appropriate food from the menu and make sure that the diners have all the food they want when they want it on table and the kitchen that takes special instruction even when it runs at its full capacity contribute a great deal to the ultimate dining experience. You feel our tables like those at your home because of the homely treatment. Our smile is what we are. We trust that our smiling faces make your dining moments more enjoyable.